OSU family photo

Dr. Malik is a true member of our community. Born, raised, and educated in Ohio, he now finds home in Galena with his wife, Sheri, and their family. A dedicated father to their three children, he now shares his days with his daughter, Emi, who followed in his dentistry footsteps and also works at Westerville Dental Health.

Dr. Malik is a graduate of The Ohio State University and began practicing dentistry in 1990, bringing his skill and talent to Westerville two years later.

Joining the team at Westerville Dental Health, Dr. Malik connected immensely with the customer-oriented approach within the practice. He had abandoned the corporate-minded companies in favor of a more personalized practice that prioritized patients over their wallets.

Dr. Malik felt right at home at Westerville Dental Health, so much so that just six years later, in January 1998, Dr. Malik became the sole proprietor. Under his carefully crafted direction, the practice has continued to flourish and grow, prompting a 2005 move to a bigger property that could better accommodate the growing business.

Dr. Malik has often said, “Patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Dr. Malik puts his personal cell phone number on the answering machine at night. He is truly just a phone call away.

You may find Dr. Malik at a Blue Jackets game or at a Buckeye football game. He is happy tinkering in his barn or checking off projects on his “honey do” list.

Dr. Malik continues to be the heart and soul of Westerville Dental Health. His infectious smile, friendly demeanor, and impeccable care are true assets to the Columbus area.